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Meet Gidgit

Hi, gang! This is Gidgit.

Gidgit is a modern-day it girl. She’s glamorous and groovy. She’s a real go-getter and always on the go. She has a great sense of humor. Gidgit has no time to get caught up with little annoyances. Gidgit loves her gadgitz. What bothers Gidgit, probably bothers you. Gadgit Girlz is Gidgit’s go-to fix.


Oh geez, thought Gidgit. She’d just gotten a last-minute invite to a glam gala, but when she got in the shower to get ready the gloom set in. Her shaving cream can had left a gaudy ring on her tub. Gross. She could spend time scrubbing it off (how gauche) or use that time to go get a gorgeous manicure. That’s when Gidgit decided, I need to get GRIPPONZ. A gregarious girl like me doesn’t have time for gobs of tedious work. She did. And life got just that little bit better for Gidgit. Nobody should have to turn down a manicure to scrub a tub.