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Celeste Nameth

Meet Celeste Nameth

Celeste Nameth

Celeste Nameth

Celeste Wanted to Be a CEO so She Created a Company: 

Celeste has great timing and an eye for opportunity. She always has. After creating a successful line of hand-painted ceramics with her sister, she had a watch made from one of their designs. It was so beautiful, it became the tock of the town. The sisters built a company: One in a Million Watches, Inc. Now, she’s saving her customers time with solutions and gadgitz.

Greatest Skill in Life: 

Before there was Thelma and Louise, there was Celeste and her granny. These two besties used to cruise the streets of Northern California with Celeste behind the wheel of Granny’s car, all while Celeste was just 12, making her greatest skills both driving and getting away with doing it underage and without a license—a fact she still boasts about to this day.

Favorite Moment: 

It was a bona fide ah-ha moment. Celeste was visiting Alita at her house back when Gadgit Girlz was just an idea. Alita was in the midst of hanging a picture on her wall when she whipped out an actual stud-finder. Celeste said, “Wow, you’re a real gadget girl.” Voila! The rest, as they say, is history.

Fun Fact: 

Her dad was a rocket scientist. One of his rockets went to the moon and back.